Tony Dupé


Tony Dupé is a critically acclaimed and commercially successful producer/engineer, arranger, composer and multi instrumentalist. He has produced around 100 albums for Australian and overseas artists, including Holly Throsby, Jack Ladder, Grand Salvo, Fergus Brown, Melodie Nelson, Piers Twomey, Jamie and Sophie Hutchings, Sui Zhen.

He has released two critically acclaimed albums under the name Saddleback on Australian label Preservation.

He recently composed the score for 'The Gradual Demise of Phillipa Finch', an animation series read by Toni Colette for the ABC; produced the ARIA-nominated children's album See! with Holly Throsby, as well as her most recent adult album, Team. He spent three years living and working full time as a producer/composer/performer in Berlin, returning in 2011 to study a Master's Degree in improvisation on cello at Macquarie University.

He moved to Melbourne in 2012 and formed The Abandoned Fireworks Factory with fellow composer/musician Claire Deak to provide album production, workshops and composition/arrangement services. The facility houses a professional quality digital and analog recording studio and a suite of instruments including double bass, cello, gamba, ukeleles, parlour guitar, electric guitar, 1960s valve amplifier, bass and soprano clarinet, trumpet, euphonium, accordions, organs, pianos, tuned and untuned percussion.

The ethos behind the production is to encourage the use of actual instruments and actual rooms in the sounds of the recording albums to create a warmth and humanistic feel to the music.


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